YoYoeXpert Video Battle Tournament Advanced Semi-Final results!

Let me just say, that this was a great round. I had a fun time judging these amazing videos. Here are the results

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GaryLi: 81
YoYoDisciple: 53

Zach6106: 63
xela: 81

Congratulations to GaryLi and Xela for making it to the Finals! They had a little bit of a advantage seeing as how they had 5 tricks, but it was great nonetheless!

Here are the videos!





Just who I wanted :wink: Well Xela vs Zach was a hard one but Xela is awesome.

Man you’re good xela!

Do you have a fanclub Xela? And get sponsored. NOW

thanks guys!

it’s funny garyli, we used soiled panties variations!!!
i used this trick because frensh friends told me soiled panties isn’t a smooth trick…
so i gave “my” soiled panties,lol

congrats all!