(Alex Fairhurst) #1


Sanchez202 v. HaruRay



Juliang22 v. Djsplatt44



(UmeNagisa) #2

Haha! First view and first vote.
I Feel Special


Is Josh’s video different now than during the first errant post? Or am I imagining things? It’s called “Meow2” and has the text “alternate” as well.


My votes for…

Josh, kicking it up a notch! Still not his best, sanchez is just a hair above him now. hope josh wins, i wanna see him go all out in the finals…

And julian, I love all dat slack!


Why is Josh’s video different?


Josh… Holy crap man… WUUUUUUTTTTTTTT?!

(2Sick Joey) #7

Very impressed with Julian’s! That was some good stuff


I tink joshs changed because of the pics on the computer screen



I think Sanchez202’s edged Josh’s video out just by a hair. I felt it was just more creative and varied. I voted for Juliang22’s because it just seemed to flow better and have more interesting tricks.


This is going to be one tight round. I voted for Sanchez and Keiran, who I’ve seen making it to the finals since the very beginning. I thought their tricks were better than their opponent’s, even if Keiran’s could have been cleaner.

I don’t know about this one though. It’s gonna be close.


I caused a 4 way tie :stuck_out_tongue:


I did the same thing when I first voted. I’ve never seen a closer battle…


Come on guys! Vote for the underdog here.

I don’t care about the prizes. I just wanna beat Josh and Kieran 8)


I believe in you.


Come on! I put $10 in on Josh! Or… I wouldve :stuck_out_tongue:


dude sanchez i voted for you come on one more person for a 4 way tie


And we have a 4 way tie. Madness!



This is like the 3rd time it’s been a tie like this.


look at the general forum look at the post labeled battle royale i did this for you sanchez202


Wow this battle is extremely close!!! Best of luck to the winners! Everybody did so well its incredible.

On a separate note; Am i the only person mad that some people are only voting for one person! I mean right now there are 56 voters yet somehow only 48 people have voted for keiran and I; and only 53 for Sanchez and Josh. And 2 votes for the placeholders. I mean come on guys, really?