This is the FINAL ROUND. Vote between Sanchez and Julian to decide who will be awarded the coveted 3rd place. And our champion will be decided between HaruRay and Djsplatt44. These battles are going to be intense, so make sure you watch all videos before voting. These very talented people brought their A game and I would hate to see you miss out


Juliang22 v. Sanchez202



HaruRay v. Djsplatt44



Man this round was insane! Great job everyone, the Royale was a success! I voted for Sanchez and Haru, though the other 2 were also amazing. Ugghhhhhhhgh this is gonna be tight.
*grabs popcorn O3O
20% Cooler!

Oh man, this round is going to be intense. Everyone pulled out all the stops…

Anyway, I went for Sanchez and Keiran. Sanchez was just so, so clean, and I love his style. He has some really great tricks. Keiran was pretty clean too. Not really many mistakes in there, if any. He was going crazy though. Kind of fast paced, but not too much and still really original. A good amount of body involvement. It was just sick.

What a final! This has been an incredible content to watch… Very very close in both battles…

I went Keiran and Sanchez as well.

Sanchez was the clear winner I think. Julian is good, but Sanchez is nuts.

I voted Keiran because I like his style more. And Josh’s editing made his video look better than the individual tricks.

That slack figure 8 at the beginning of Sanchez’s routine…
My god…

I think Sanchez and Haru just went off. I don’t know how to explain it, it wasn’t super fancy, but seeing what they can really do with some simplicity and some class, that made my jaw drop.

Good Job for all :slight_smile: and Congratulations in advance to whoever is the winner!

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Julian Little Lion Man is one of my favorites… You cant go wrong with yoyoing + Mumford and Sons.

Haru and Sanchez.

Man. that was hard to pick.
I am a sucker for a good boy trick, but in the end, Haru’s laceration/slack stuff really spoke to me.

and Sanchez? I just love your style man.
That Begining Slack, Pure Genius.
What yoyo was that? :o
(I guess you can wonder why i asked xD)

Thanks man, and thanks to all the others that have voted for me. I was using a YYR Mr. Butcher.

How does that thing feel? Looks so so killer man.

Ahh, stole the words from my mouth…

I personally think Julian wouldve won if he stepped up his game from the semis, i feel like this wasnt as good as his semi. But it was still great… And josh andkeiran… Man… Josh was so smooth and graceful but i could tell keiran was just going all out… I chose josh in the end just cuz I think its more flowy and less hectic.

I Agree. To be completely honest, I ran out of flashy tricks. For this round I tried to focused on more arm trick/slack, but that usually makes tricks look slower and not as smooth. I think that if i used some tricks from the semi round, i may have had a chance at beating Sanchez. Sanchez, man i don’t know how you do it. Not only are the tricks you are doing are smooth but the way you do them… I don’t know something about the way you throw really gets me. Anyway, I am quite happy about how this turned out (although i did really want that La Goutte :P). Thank you Alex for putting on the magnificent contest and thank you to everyone who voted for my videos. Really means a lot :slight_smile:

Glad to see placeholder got a little love again. He’s not TOTALLY left out.

Go YoYoJam! Sorry Haru and Sanchez.

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Josh and Placeholder have a special place in my heart.

I voted Juliang and Haru. While I love Sanchez’s style of crazy flow and elegant simplicity, I felt that Juliang’s tricks seemed a bit harder and more unique. I voted for Haru because his tricks were very well executed(plus that tower slack was crazy), while Keiran’s tricks seemed…messy, for some reason. Good job to all though!

I voted Sanchez and Djsplat
Sanchez because of the smoother execution and the lack of mistakes.
Djsplat because of the variety of tricks.

That music in Haru’s vid was awful.

I liked it. And i thouht keiran was rather hectic

I voted for juliang22 and haruray. I felt julians was very intricate, and although sanchez was smoother, i felt julians was a bit more difficult and impressive. I voted for haru because his was a bit more smooth in my opinion, but that was actually a very hard choice.