Yoyoexpert popularity

Hey everyone i made this graph to show how popular this web site is. Its my thanks to André Boulay and who ever helped him make this site. By the way Is there a list of the people who help make the site? Or was it Just André and just him alone? also if you would like put down a thank you for him/them that would be great. I guess it’s kinda like a really cheep Christmas present isn’t it ha ha. Thanks André and the YYE team (If there is one) for one of the best web sites I’ve ever encountered!


No offense to André but I think that this site is like 3rd popular. It is the BEST for learning tricks, but I think the best forum is YoYoNation, cause its more active. Anyway, thanks Andre!

Well yoyonation has been around A LOT longer than yoyoexpert. I’m positive buy looking at the graph that its only gonna get better and better. also Samad i recall you wining a legacy singed by andré himself, Can you get something like that from YYN. later.

I was never denying the awesomeness of YYE, just saying, that YYN is more popular, and you are right that YYE will get more popular over time, cause thats what YYN did. Also, YYN has the most amount of YoYo stuff, then any online store.

YYN is popular that holds a lot of yoyoers, and YYE is an extra yoyo website for some yoyoers who would join in.

Happy Throwing! =]

I love this site way more than ANY other yoyo site I have encountered. Thanks SO much to Andre (and anyone else who helped build the site) for building this site, its absolutely AMAZING, good job!!! ;D ;D ;D