YoYoExpert getting popular!

Man, this site has alot of people now. I remember when they just had 6 or 5 people on everyday. Now we have idleast 15. We have T-Shirts, new yo-yo’s, mabye a YoYoExpert team in the future.
I’m looking farward too some moderators soon too.

Right now this is my main Yo-Yo buying, and forum site. This is the site I visit most often.

Andre, keep up the good work! I say your site is a success.


Yep. It’s a great site, but I have a feeling that André still has a lot in store for us. This is also the site that I visit the most nowadays and it’s definitely come a long way. This site is great. :wink:

Yeah. I bet Andre has ALOT for us. He’s just waiting for the right moment to show us. I hope it comes soon. ;D


Definitely. I always visit this tie first. I used to see a different site, but now, its this one.

I love this place.

This is usually the first or second website i check every day when i wake up. I find that there is always something new on YYE each time I check back! The community is welcoming, the store has a lot to offer, and the site itself looks very professional. I can’t wait to see how much this place will evolve this year alone! Thanks to everybody for making YYE so amazing!

yep, a lot of people when I’m on also lots of things to do and lots of time to see the Throw 2008 trailer of that page. ;D

There are so many great things about this site! The learn section is my favorite. Andre explains the tricks well and makes them very easy to learn. The forums are always alive and everyone is polite. I haven’t used the shop yet, but I think it is great that you can pay cash.

Ya, there is alot of people now in here. Im just hopeing i can get a Dm with thin lube :slight_smile: i just need the money…

Getting your paycheck anytime soon?

This has become the first site that I check when I come to the computer. The form is very helpfull and friendly. Thanks André for making this sight so friendly and clean. I dont have to worrie when I come here and my 7 year old is looking over my sholder. And to all the form members thanks for putting up with this nub.

This website is my homepage :stuck_out_tongue:

the second I go to the internet i type in “Yoyoexpert” … It’s second nature to me now…and i love these forums!!!

You are not alone on that mate.

Same here!

hmmm. I remember way back when I was just a guest (which remained that way for a week) and I was the only one on. And again when I was a member I remember being very bored most of the time because I was the only one on and was lucky when someone else was on. (just putting this here as a comparison on how far yoyoexpert has come.)