If yoyoeXpert and yoyonation were created at the same time. Which do you think would be more popular?

It depends, but honestly, I think YoYoNation because their shop is bigger.

true but our fourm is more use full and has a decent amount of infromational topics

Indeed. Yet many buyers might not want to use forums and just shop.

Their forum is plenty useful and informational. They have much more knowledgeable people, in my opinion. I also think YoYoNation would be bigger and it is.

The Nation. I don’t think you should concern yourself with how many people are here. If it was overpopulated, it might not be as welcoming as it is.

In terms of peace and respect in forum threads, YYE would win because people in this community obey the rules Andre provided us. But if you’re looking at inventories, YYN would be more likely to win but deep down, I know YYE is still trying to grow. We’ll see that in a few months or so. :wink:

The Nation.

They have a bigger shop.
Easier to “Find” when surfing the web.
And have pros…

If YYE was as big as YYN then we’d have just as many spam threads as they do now.