Help repopulate the Nation!!!


So as most of you know, Yoyonation is now owned by Chris Allen of Yoyoskills, or DrYoYo on the forums. Right now, Yoyonation is being turned into an online yoyo museum. The forum is still very alive though, and probably won’t crash again for a long time, so new or old members, please start using the Nation again! Don’t let Chris’s work and many other topics on the forums go to waste!

(George Wollaston) #2

It’s a shame the store is gone, the UK branch will be missed! :frowning: On the bright side, we’re now free to talk about the site on YYE!

Welcome back YoYoNation!

(Alex Fairhurst) #3



time for me to use the nation!


C’mon guys! Yoyonation’s starting to get more users, but not even half as much as here!




I appreciate what you’re trying to do.

that being said, I’m sure YYE guys are working their nunchuk off to get people to come and post here. maybe they deserve to have twice as much users here than in other places.

The information is out there, which I think is good. People will go to YYN eventually, some will prefer it here and there’s nothing wrong with it, YYE stepped up their game and they deserve some love too.

They’re both different places, maybe for slightly different people. Give it time, YYN will be back. But I’d hate it to be a pissing contest between YYE and YYN, who cares how much users they have if the community and the users are happy either in one, another, or both (or even more) places.

Trust me, people know about YYN forums, it’s all over the internet, blogs such as my own, have relayed the info. give it time, give people time. it’ll be back to its former glory eventually.