Quick Question - Whither YYN??

Hey guys, I have a quick but serious question nonetheless. I’m not sure if this question is allowed, but yoyonation is clearly not a threat to these forums. So, my question is, what’s up with the yoyonation forums? Every once in a while I would go on there just for the sake of it. Now, I haven’t been able to log on in months. Does anyone know why?

They dont really exist anymore I believe.

And yoyonation talk is ok on these forums as yoyonation is no longer a yoyo store.

Yes I’m aware that the store is closed, but the forums remained open, I believe ran by a different organization.

Yes, it’s a shame. All the guides, reviews, and info all gone.

I know it was like a museum! Does anybody know what happened?

Chris Allen/Dr. Yoyo was hosting YYN on his yoyoskills site, but he has taken a hiatus for now.

^^^  Which , when decoded, means Noah sank the Ark and took all the animals with him.


You always have something funny to say that makes my day lol Anyway, I really miss that place too.

If the data still exists, I wonder if he can find a new curator.

I can email one of the moderators but I don’t know if that’ll do anything.

If only there was some kind of museum that could host reviews and info. Not saying we would host a forum (that requires a lot of resources and bandwidth) but if there are specific sections that could be taken and preserved on another site, it might be worth the effort…

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