What happend to YYNation?

Hi. I apologize in advance if this is a touchy subject. I couldn’t find an answer with the search function. I have been out of the community for 8-10 years and recently got back into the hobby. I was wondering what happened to yoyonation. What’s the story?


Pat the owner left and they had a bunch of throws stolen. I think it was a combination of both that caused the end of them.


Thanks for the insight. Why did the forum not live on?

Because wonderful Pat just left the country and left the remaining workers like Weber to hang.


The forum is still around, it’s just archived and under a different URL, however

The archives are alive thankfully at yoyonation.net, you can login and view all your old posts and messages.

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It had very little to do with the tombstone/jensonhartford theft. It had a lot to do with Pat moving out of the country. That coincides with many tax bills not being paid among other things.


Good to know. I used to be on their forum all the time back then. Did YYE always have a forum? I remember learning tricks from Andre’s videos back then, but I fell out of it when I learned them and didn’t really find another place to learn for a long time.

Or Yoyonews.com
Missing it and am very appreciative.

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The forums depend on the sponsorship of the stores. When the store goes away the forum dies for lack of financial support. Someone has to pay the bills. The YYN forum is archived but effectively dead.

(fixed… :upside_down_face:)


Thank you all for the responses. That clears things up. Ill be looking in the archives for my old posts and relive some fond memories :slight_smile:

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