Anyone know what's up with the Yoyonation archives?

I’m not sure who has noticed, but the forum archives have been down for over 6 months. Chris Allen hasn’t answered any of my emails either. Does anyone know how to get a hold of him or what’s going on in terms of the site’s future? It’s a priceless historical database and it’d be a shame if it was gone forever. I’m sure someone else would host it. Thanks!

I believe there was another thread on this…


It was my thread but there were no answers… guess that could’ve been bumped.

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You might be able to look it up on the way back machine search engine?

i’d love to have the archives back as well, and I wish there was a way to get yoyoexpert to have the sight traffic that yyn had back in it’s hayday, I’m very greatful we have yye

I’ve searched the internet archive and it’s very incomplete. The search function doesn’t work either.

Has anyone called him? Or called splugen?

I am not saying this is any kind of special brainstorm idea, but>>>

And this may have changed since I originally heard about it.

But I understood that Chris Allen was working with Monkeyfinger to develop whatever he is good at developing, lol.

If he is still contributing in Website, product development or whatever; then it should be pretty effective to just contact Ray at Monkeyfinger and get closer to an useful, functional, reality based answer.

Having known Chris for many years now; I have never known him as any sort of shy person.

I honestly cant imagine that he has limited himself to only the Monkeyfinger aspect of the entire Yoyoworld.

So the fact that ‘we’ mostly hear nothing from him or anybody that knows him; I find quite fascinating indeed.

The guy is not living in a cave. I understand he has adopted a few new family members. And that obviously has him focused more on his family based situation. < Very understandable.

But that being said; unless he is excommunicating himself from any involvement in ‘Yoyos’ outside of Monkeyfinger; it doesnt seem that much of a challenge for him to get back via any form of social media and enlighten Matt and others interested in projects he had taken the initiative to sustain?

…Sometimes when ‘life takes over’ people have a tendency to simply put other things ‘on ice’. They step through a door and close it… They dont lock it; they just close it and anything that happens on the other side of the door is out of site and out of mind.

It is possible that Chris knows peoples’ concerns but just doesnt care to respond with answers he knows people may not want to hear? I dont know?

One way to find out is to contact Monkeyfinger and no doubt Ray will pass the questions/concerns over to Chris.

At that point; if Chris doesnt answer in a timely manner; it wouldnt take a Rocker Scientist to understand that his initiative on making yoyo related archives available have taken a back seat to family life and he just doesnt have the heart to ‘Give people answers they dont want to hear’.

It is a most interesting situation for sure.

Personally, I have no idea what the financial ramifications are for supporting and providing internet bandwidth for Websites that may get quite a bit if hits if he did crank them up for human viewing?

Possibly the best of his intentions were simply sidetracked based on too many bills and not enough money?

Chris is one of the Nicest well meaning and honest people I have ever met. He has a good heart and is always helping somebody get something handled.

Maybe he just has too much on his plate and is just keeping ‘this stuff on the other side of that door’?

To be continued🤓


I know I’d donate to keep the site running. Too much history and info there to just be gone.

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I am kinda surprised no one reached out to me about this thread. I am not hard to reach. I have answered this a few places already on FB, but not here yet.

Here is the skinny on YoYoNation forums. This is going to be a tech rant so hang on.

The database yyn used was MASSIVE, 3.8gb and the bulletin board CMS it used was very vulnerable to hacks and SQL injects. The ISP who hosted it for me was constantly pushing me to patch and update what was a locked forum. In the end the database refused to work with a new CMS so I had to shut it down. Everyone’s Account was at risk of being stolen and PMs getting out.
There was also the cost which was a non zero amount of money. Few hundred dollars every renewal because the PHP and SQL versions the forum would work with required special contracts. Seriously, they were that out of date. iPage was asking for too much and no other ISP was willing to let me host that size of a forum on old SQL. Looking at traffic and web usage, I had 12 unique IPs visiting YYN every 6 months. Maybe 12. For the three years I hosted the last year it had something like 4 visits.

I’m the end, the juice was not worth the squeeze financially and the message board hosting the database was not secure and would not take the security patches it needed to keep everyones account secure and prevent unauthorized access to PMs / identities.


I was talking to someone on FB about this subject this morning before I came here to post the status. I will talk to my ISP and see what the art of possible is. I will see if there is a way to make the forum static, removing account access. THen comes the long journey to getting patches and trying to make the database work with more secure CMS. Be patient, you may see YYN forum come back up on the .net address.

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Get it while it is up -


Thank you, saving some threads as PDF right now ;D


Oh wow I can even access my old inbox! this is gold.

How? I can’t access mine.

I just logged in, like in the good old days, and navigated as usual.

This is what I see. No messages there for me to select. (unless i’m missing something…) by lj_vegabomb, on Flickr

It appears that your old messages have been lost or deleted as the number of messages appeared next to the user name. :-\