The Yoyonation forums are gone for good...

First of all, thanks Yoyodoc for the advice. I haven’t been able to get a hold of Chris Allen for quite some time but Ray from Monkeyfinger answered in minutes.

Chris still owns the rights to the site and plans to keep it that way, but according to Ray,“that old SQL is highly vulnerable to attack so he doesn’t want to put it back in its old state.”

What I want to ask, hoping some of you know much more about computers than I, is there any way the old content could be switched to something less prone to corruption? There were over a million posts over the 7 year period and it’d be a horrible loss to lose all of that history.

Agreed, I would especially love it if the old dying thread was viewable too.

It could be upgraded or moved to a current SQL and web platform, but that is non-trivial. Would probably take a major effort.

A major effort as in time consuming or very expensive? Sorry for the questions, but I don’t know that much about computers haha.

I feel like nostalgia is allowing people to greatly overstate the value of those old forums.

Yes, there was some useful/worthwhile/historically important info in there, but not enough to merit saving/migrating the entire thing.

Maybe a better option would be to dump the old forum online behind a password and then let interested parties log in, scavenge for relevant info, and use it to build out articles on YoYoWiki?

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I understand how nostalgia may blur the actual importance of these old forums and sure most of the million posts are valueless banter… but the start of most of today’s companies originated on those forums. There was a 26 page thread about the first Peak, the early days of General-Yo, One Drop (though much of that is on their archives), and multiple other companies.

The password protected site is actually a fantastic idea, I think I’m going to pass that along :slight_smile:

I think the Peak thread got reposted here some time ago. There was a Tom Kuhn thread though that was really, really good.

Yeah the Peak history thread is here, I mean the 26 page hype thread before it’s release. I forgot about the Tom Kuhn thread… that was great! Matt Carter and Dave Hall posted frequently, as did a few other huge TK collectors. Where did everyone go?!

Yeah you are probably right. For example the CODE1 designing history would be useful and interesting. But back then you were a moderator and Ben complained we were getting too much front page action so you moved a bunch of the posts around and it became impossible to read the story in the correct order. So yeah not as valuable as it might have been.

I’m sure someone with the relevant technical skills could easily solve the security issues and make it available. But Chris owns it so it’s up to him if he wants to solve it or give it to someone else to curate.

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I didn’t know chris was still part of the yoyo community. Guess i’m out of the loop.

Yes, either or, possibly both.

Yeah - it wouldn’t be easy. But I don’t think it’s overblowing it’s value to say that it remains a valuable resource and slice of yoyo history.

Sad to hear that. But migrating an old platform to a newer platform may be really time consuming and also expensive. Once it is on a new platform, someone has to maintain it and keep it updated.

To those who still wants to access it, you can go to
and go over around 2013, the newer ones seems to have some page not working.
Not the best way, but at least you can still scavenge some info of it.

Edit: never mind, there is no actual thread archived.

I like YYN fine, but I have to say I’d blow WAY more time going through the old ExtremeSpin board, or even more…!


I think is at least still archived as well. I wonder about extremespin?

Last I looked a few years back extreme spin was taken over by spammers, so much so that the first 2-3 pages of each forum were spam - porn, ecigs, credit cards, and phones from nigeria.

I only really miss LilithBunny.

Any particularly good deals? :slight_smile:

For realz. I spent sooooo many hours going through those. Those were such a treasure trove.

Mostly the same guys we whacked over at the other place. Great deals on unlocked Iphones - “Just send us yer credit card and we’ll take care of the rest…” :slight_smile: