Yoyo nation is now up in archive mode!


After a long time, Chris finally found the backup storage for yoyonation and has now put the forums into archive mode!



I actually somehow went on there yesterday, and I thought it was a bit different than it used to be… it seemed to not be fully up when I went on yesterday :smiley:


I don’t think he has every single thing up but it’s still more up than it used to be. Like I don’t think you can check messages or anything. But even thought it’s just mean to be history not functional


What about the store? Those cart items served as a museum of sorts. Would be a bummer if that is lost.


I used to spend so much time looking at all the yoyos I would never own.


Searches unicorn…


sweeeet, thats alot of history of what pretty much was every traders stomping grounds, glad to see it at’least seeable again. love that mullicabob is at the top of the BST.


I was able to check messages, but photos posted in the modders section were gone.


I couldn’t log in.


That happens a lot w/archived forums. Links no longer work for a number of reasons, which include the account on the hosting site no longer exists.


That’s where I found a lot of my rares.


If ya didn’t know, yoyonations forum is back as an archive. It’s locked so you can’t post, but what a wealth of knowledge to access again.
Sorry if this is old news. I used the search and found nothing


Awesome news! Thanks, Dr Yo-yo!

I also notice he’s made a post over at Yoyoskills, with an update on his personal life and some thoughts on the state of yoyoing.