YoYoExpert Med. Case

I hate this but I can not recommend the YoYoExpert Medium contest bag. I recently received one from YoYoExpert that I bought and the foam inside was all mashed down from the shoulder strap. I contacted them via email about it on Monday, the day I received it in the mail. They got back to me and asked me to wait a couple of days and if the foam hadn’t gotten better they would send me a replacement. Today I contacted them again because it hadn’t. They said they were going to send out a replacement. Then later today they told me they couldn’t because all the foam inserts were as bad as mine because of the shoulder straps, but it should be alright with time. I bought this case to protect some expensive yoyos I had gotten off the B/S/T on this site. The foam in this case wouldn’t keep them separated enough so that they wouldn’t hit one another in the shape it was in so I can only put 8 yoyos in out the cutouts for 12. I advised and asked them to look into a better quality of foam for future bags. Time will only tell weather they do or not.

Sad to hear that mate… Same thing to me when I bought a CZM8 actually. Box came completely crimped and the yoyo itself had damage . They would not pay me the return shipping cost and only refunded me 10% for a damaged-on-arrival item which is ridiculous. John Steel on the other hand , exchanged my Gradient ON THE SPOT without any question asked.

One of my freinds got a meadium case and his is just fine But he did bye his almost a year ago so may be YYE had some problems with 1 of there recent shipments.

I guess this is one of the advantages of building my own yoyo cases I don’t have to worry about stuff like this.

Sorry you not satisfied with your contest bag, when they get shipped to us they do get a little compressed and this leaves mark or indentation where the shoulder strap is placed. There is not much to do to fix this but if you give it time the foam will pop back up to its original form.

We can definitely send you a new foam piece, but like we have said, they are all like that for the most part. If you would like to arrange for a refund or return we would be more than happy to work that out with you. Just contact us through email or give us a call to arrange it.

My apologies for the inconvenience.


It’s not that we “would not” pay return shipping, it’s that we “could not” pay return shipping cost for international mail through USPS until about a week ago when they created that option. We do plenty of returns internationally but we can only reimburse the shipping cost through USPS, not pay for it.

If you were not happy with the % discount then we could have certainly accepted the return and reimbursed you the shipping cost.

Was this recent? if you are not happy with the situation send us an email and we’ll see what we can do to fix it.


Thanks for bringing this up to us!

First off - I apologize that you aren’t happy with the bag at all. I know we are still emailing back and forth with you and we did get your email last night. I’m sure we can work something out (return/refund) or something better. Whatever you want works for us - ultimately we just want you to be happy! (That goes for RiceKernel too who I just sent a PM to make sure I understand the situation as I couldn’t find any email correspondence under the email registered to the account).

I just want anyone else who comes across this to know that ultimately we really do CARE and want to make for a good experience and for people to LOVE what they purchase (and the entire experience with us). If you aren’t happy we want to help make it right!

On the bags - we are in the process actually of looking into better foam (and better bag construction) and I do agree with you that the foam that comes with those bags is not the best foam ever made and we are actively trying to pursue better choices. Initially we tried to go for the cheapest ‘price’ of the bag itself for the size since shipping is expensive. It probably is not the best way to store ‘expensive’ yo-yos (and we are also working on new and better ‘cases’ too for that matter). Regardless new bags with better foam will likely be a little more expensive - but the bottom line is it is more important to have the highest quality products - so know that we are working on it.

Thanks again for bringing it up - we will work it all out for you and appreciate bringing this up to us. :slight_smile:

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I bought a small contest bag (made for 8 throws) that came a little bit mashed up because of the strap, but after week, it was perfectly fine. Just wait and it should get better.

and this is why i like yoyoexpert they honestly are nice and try everything in there power to make your experience the best

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Yup YYE is the best when it comes to customer service.

thanks for the replies and the messages from YYE. I am currently emailing them more about the situation. I’ll be sure to post how everything turns out. I wish they would post a warning about the foam before anyone else buys one so they are informed about it up front.

That’s good to know about the cases. I bought a large YYE bag earlier this year and all 4 corners were mashed down, they never came up. Wasn’t a huge deal to me, so I never said anything. However I was looking into getting another case, or two, and was a bit hesitant to order another one for that reason. I’ll keep an eye out for the new ones, I’d rather pay more for a nicer case. Thanks for the info!

I bought one in 2011, the corners are a little squished but it isn’t a big deal.

I’d like to say YYE is doing everything they can to make it right and me happy. This will be resolved.
Thanks so much to YYE and everyone on here for there comments and feedback.

Well YYE came through with flying colors. I have got a replacement case and am happy with it. and no it’s not the same type of case. YYE really tried and made me happy. Thanks YYE

Glad we could set things straight! Thanks again for the good feedback!!!

I didn’t even have a problem with my bag, but reading that cheered me up. XD Have you guys tried contacting a memory foam bed factory? I remember reading that some times companies can buy their mistake memory foam beds for cheap. XP Maybe cheap enough it’ll be profitable to cut holes and slices for the bags. I don’t know about coloring, but personally, I wouldn’t mind the coloring if the foam was extra plushy. Keep up the good work yoyo expert!

Uh oh, I just purchased the small bag…