dose any one have a 7 compartment yoyoexpert bag review?

i want to buy one but i want to see a good review first

I don’t have that version, but I have the “medium” bag or 5 compartment bag listed on the same page that appears to be made by the same manufacturer. While I can’t speak for the 7 compartment bag, as it is the same quality as the medium bag, I can give you an idea. The one I have features an embroidered YYE logo on the front that stands out. There are 4 compartments in the front that seem designed specifically to protect 4 yo-yos with some padding around the four separated sections. I like the padding, seems like it will really protect your yo-yos in transit. They are in the front of the bag, so easy access to your yo-yos. I haven’t had a chance to use the bag, but it was a recent purchase. It has 3 other compartments actually. One is a huge compartment, that you could probably fit anything in, plenty of room for string, lube, personal items or whatever. Then, there are two other smaller inside pockets. The medium bag is compact design with tons of room inside it. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and a means to attach the bag to a backpack if you want to. I wouldn’t hesitate with the 7 compartment if you’re considering that.

I have the 8-compartment/slot “Contest Bag” (Or this thing: ) and I love it! When I’m going to be out all day, especially at the park/my niece’s softball games, it is my go-to carry bag. It holds a couple more in the top pouch being my Littles, and a pair of loopers. It can also store accessories like lube, silicone, tools, etc. It’s made pretty nice as well and light weight and convenient to carry.

It’s a really cool bag and all, but that price! Nothing against YYE and I use their other cases, but I don’t think any review could justify that for me on a 7 yoyo holder.

I have the smaller 5 compartment Medium bag. I love it. I feel the 7 compartment is over-priced though. The 5-compartment bag is nice, compact, a good size. The 7 compartment would be fine too. It doesn’t matter what I use, I’m always gonna want to cram more into it.

My son has the 8-space competition bag, but he just “outgrew it” with too many yoyos and I had to make him a larger case. At least now he has expansion room now.

I think the price is a great price. That bag is well made, and it is so big, and has so much room inside it, given the design, that you don’t need to carry a backpack in addition to your yo-yos. The bag seems to essentially take the place of a backpack and protect 7 yo-yos in addition to that. A descent backpack costs quite a bit of money, so in my opinion the price is just right for something that would replace a backpack and a small yo-yo case. I think it’s one of those things you have to see in person. It’s a classy looking bag, the embroidery and everything. When I’m out and about, I carry a backpack and put a small yo-yo case inside the backpack. With the money I spent on the backpack and the small yo-yo case I squeeze inside it, I could have just bought the 7 compartment bag and been set, for an all in one bag. It’s really made for people like me…but a smarter version of me cause I should have had it already.

$35 for a backpack and $20 for a small generic case cost me $55… YYE price is less than that, and I wouldn’t be carrying so much bulk…all in one bag.

It sure doesn’t look nearly as big in my eyes as you’re making it out to be. There’s 6 yoyos in that shot and the bag barely looks like it has any room left. It can’t be much more than a foot long and 5 inches wide. The belt loop on the back goes halfway down the whole thing. It’s not really even close to a backpack if you want to hold books and stuff.

I mean, whatever. It’s super nice for what it is. I just can’t see 42 dollars for a little bag to hold yoyos and some string. Just buy the contest case, hold more throws, and save 50% (imo).

I’m not making it out to be anything to be honest, cause the bag is what it is…and I don’t do measurements based on photographs, or carry books with yo-yos, and backpacks come in different sizes anyway, and said I don’t even own the bag, so if anyone wants to know the dimensions of the bag (my medium bag is more than 5" wide)…but more specifically to the original poster, customer service would help with any questions you might have about the bag…they are very helpful. Doesn’t seem like any of us posting own that specific bag. I have seen it in person from the outside and it looks great. Good luck with your shopping.

When you said it replaces a backpack you sort of implied it was around the size of a backpack.

Uh, alright. Do you own 6 yoyos, or even any multiple of 2 up to 6? Do you own a belt? If so, you can make approximate measurements based on these photographs. It’s maybe a little over a foot long and 6 inches wide. That’s not good or bad depending on what you want, but it’s fairly small by most “bag” standards…certainly $42 bags. Just seems kind of expensive.

Uh yeah my collection is about 90 throws. Belts come in all different sizes, so not a good measuring tool for me. It’s true about size, width and depth, but also how that space is used in the design is a consideration too. I don’t even think $42 is a lot of money…for me…sold. I guess everyone has a style bag they prefer, considering the purpose they want to use it for…that’s probably the key.

Alright, I’m out.