Studio42 Reviews: The YoYo Expert Meduim Bag

OK, here it is, my first review. Sorry, it’s not about a yoyo, but it’s about a yoyo accessory product.

For all yoyo throwers, if you’re like me and tired of putting your throws in your pocket, and like to carry multiple throws, or you just can’t plus maybe a few extras, or for whatever reason you can’t put a yoyo in your pocket, then your search is over, you need one of these:

The YoYoExpert Medium Bag.

First, a quick note about my order. Man, someone has played some SERIOUS Tetris, because they had that small Priority Mail box CRAMMED. There were some other items in the box too, such as VM4 Lube, a One Drop 10-ball, a Speeder 2, two 3-packs of cards(not opened yet), 100 pack of neon green 100% poly YYE string and some other items. So, kudos to the person who packed this stuff, because if YYE used the bigger box, I’d not have gotten it today since whoever has the key for the parcel box on the community mailbox, they aren’t checking mail! Of course, I’m still getting used to the goodies from my other recent YYE order.

So, onto the item. Talk about options!

Before you even open it up, there’s a clip that holds the flap down, so nothing is going anywhere. The flap has a cool YYE logo on it, so all your yoyo buddies will know what it is, but chances are nobody else will know what you’re carrying… The bag is a bit on the big side, so all you guys better be confident with your masculinity(or just don’t give a crap), because it might look like you’re carrying a purse. For you ladies out there, maybe this will be your new purse! However, hardcore throwers won’t care. It’s a PRIDE thing: We’re PROUD to throw. Plus, it looks rugged enough that if someone were to question your purse, you can probably smack them down with it! 4 metal yoyos can do a LOT of damage or fun, depending how you use them. Remember, only use your powers of yoyo for good!

The bag comes in 2 colors, black, brown and navy. Since black goes with everything, I chose black. Who knows, maybe yoyo bags can become fashion too!

Now, let’s look at options. Inside is the length adjustable shoulder strap with a pad, for your carrying comfort, which attacks via clips to 2 plastic D-rings on the side, which I wished would have been metal, but we’re not talking about something meant to carry really heavy and/or expensive stuff(like a laptop). The snaps feature swivels so it will aways be able to be in the right position and is fine for being carried on the left or the right side. The strap comes folded up and packed in the 5th compartment, which I’ll go over later. It also has a belt loop on the back which appears to be able to accommodate a 2-inch belt, which is perfect since I use a 2-inch custom belt with custom belt buckle at shows, but the odds are I won’t be using that because I tend to be rather rough at shows moving heavy gear around, so it’s best for me to leave my bag in the truck at least during load-in and load-out. If you prefer, you can add a black carabiner(or whatever color you want) and there is a top loop as well connected to the top of the flap for belt loop attachment. Or you can attach a keychain, but that might not be such a good choice if you’re driving a motorized vehicle. With a carabiner, it’s a convenient place to attach your keys.

A brief over-view of the bag, I noted that it was thinly padded, which is a nice thing to have done. Any little bit to protect your yoyos is a nice touch.

Opening up the flap, there are two zippered pockets, and each pocket has a divider. These pockets can each hold 2 normal sized yoyos. By that, I mean pretty much anything that isn’t an off-string or Jirorian, but I can’t say anything about a Jirorian since I don’t have one. Anyone want to sell me one so I can find out? These pockets also won’t hold a super wide yoyo, but then again, you can put that in the larger pocket.

I digress. So, we have room for 4 normal sized yoyos. Behind those 2 zippered pockets is a larger zippered pocket that can even handle a Big Yo. I know, I shoved mine in there. But, I think a Fiesta is a better option, or any other off-string, or anything else you want to toss in there, like a cell phone, wallet, USB sticks, small video camera(FLIP cam anyone?) and a mini-tripod… the choices are based on what you want to put in there. But here’s the part YYE left out: There are two little thin pockets at the back of the larger pocket. You could use this for holding strings or other small and/o flat items such as response pads/discs, bearings, YYE trading cards, YYF Multi-Tool, lubes, counter weights, Sharpies for signing autographs and more.

I wish I had this at the beginning of summer when I was taking my kids to swim lessons at the community pools. No clinking around in my pockets!

My only complaint is:
I can’t choose which 4 to put in there! GRRRRR!! So many good throws, so many good choices… only 4 pockets. That’s OK, I typically only carry 2-3 most of the time anyways. This actually isn’t a complaint! I usually take my ONE in responsive mode just for people to try if they ever ask. That leaves me 3 more open slots. I can take this with me every morning when I take my kids to school so I can throw while I wait for the school bell to ring and the 2nd grader can go inside(the Kindergartener goes in 15 minutes earlier, leaving me with time to do essentially nothing but wait).

This bag may not be good for competitors unless they only carry 4 yoyos around, mostly because you might want to have more, or if you’re competing in multiple categories, you might need more yoyos readily available.  If that’s your situation, chances are you have a case for your yoyos anyways, so make sure you take that and also take your YYE Medium Bag for your warm-up throws. However, for most people, carrying around a few throws to the park, or around town, or just want to keep a few throws handy, this is a perfect choice.

YYE also makes a smaller case. I’m going to order one of those soon as well. Only holds 2, more compact, but I bet similar construction.

I wish under the belt loop strap on the back, there was a business card type holder with the clear window so you can identify your bag easily. However, I’ve already put my custom Studio42 pin on the flap with locking pin backs, so my bag is already well identified.

Overall, I’m pleased, I’ll have this with me this afternoon when I ship off a yoyo today to get some modifications done to it. I’m hard to please, yet YYE pleases me time and time again effortlessly with their service and their product offerings. It’s no surprise a YYE branded product gets the same response.

Thanks for reading!

very nice read, when people actually use decent grammar is makes things so much easier to understand. Thanks for the review man.

Lol tetris comment, and smack with purse comment!

Great review. Well written and keeps the reader interested. The only thing missing in my opinion is pictures, especially those that provide a size comparison. I’d like to see how big the bag is next to a hand, or on a belt, or next to a backpack.

Humor always makes a review just that much better. Thumbs up!

I was thinking “pictures would have been nice” after I hit POST. I would have taken pictures, but I was dealing with 4 screaming kids, 2 pugs demanding attention and 2 shows I’m in preparation for: this Friday and Saturday. Tuesday seems to be lighter, so I might get to it.

I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for the target suggestions.

Update: I’m just slammed. Pictures will have to wait until next week. I took photos on the 5th, but I have to prepare for some major shows so I have to prioritize.

does yoyo expert make a large bag? I’ve wondered this for a while…I know they make a small and a medium…medium technically couldn’t exist without a large…they should make one.

No clue. Perhaps large refers to pretty much all the other cases, especially the attache-style cases.