Yoyoexpert case


Im getting a case to hold my yoyos in but I don’t know which one i should get.

Option one: yoyoexpert medium contest bag.

Pros. Can carry 12 yoyos,lube,string etc.

Cons. The bag doesn’t look to me as “nice” as the small bag it looks like the fabric is coated in plastic and there are fold lines in it

Option two: Yoyoexpert small case

Pros. Nicer fabric, yye embroidery,all around look to it, seems to protect yoyos better

Cons. Can only hold 8 yoyos


I’d say get the medium. But it depends on if you have a top 8 YoYo’s or a top 12 YoYo’s.


If I need to I can


It depends on what you need. If you want it just for contests, then the small bag would probably be perfect: carry your competition set(anything but 4A) in it, plus maybe a practice throw or two and you’re gold. I rarely see anyone carry more than 6 to the stage with them. That’s where I get my numbers from. Holes in the foam for CWs or lube. Extra pocket to hold bearings, off-strings, strings, accessories.

I have seen the 24, which is a larger version of the 24. Yeah, it looks folded. That goes away. Maybe YYE should just let one sit out a bit and snap a newer photo. It’s made of a different material than the medium bag. It’s just as durable.

The small is very compact, easy to carry, almost like a book, and full, weights about the same. It has a shoulder strap as well, for even easier carrying. It can easily fit in a backpack and many glove compartments… The side pouch on the front is generous and can even hold an off-string if you want, as well as strings. The 12-holder also has a pocket in the front for holding all your extra goodies.

It’s ultimately up to you what to get. I have a small bag, which I like, but I fill it with beginner/newbie throws and I can take it with me to where I may be meeting with inexperienced throwers so they have something to try out. It also in my point of view gives the new kids a better impression of what I do because I have a case for it. For you, that’s irrelevant though.

If I was JUST COMPETING(note: I do not compete at all nor do I want to), I’d be very focused on what I am doing. The 8 would be more ideal for me. If I was signed/sponsored, it would be my 6 yoyo competition set, a practice throw(extra) and one for others to try.

However, if you need to carry 4 more… all I’m saying is the option is there. They even have a large one that holds 24 and it’s nice too.