yoyo bags

I have been looking for a good yoyo bag but I can’t decide on which one to pick so do you have any thoughts on this?

Just get a large yye contest bag http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/713/YoYoExpert-Large-Contest-Bag :slight_smile:

it looks good but is way bigger than what i want

Depends what you’re using it for. If it’s just to store stuff at home, the larger case works great. If it’s for carrying around in a backpack, the medium or small sizes might be better.


There are some new Duncan bags that came out here on YYE. Hurry up and get one before they’re gone forever… Or at least while you have the chance.

I like the YYE medium bag, the 5-space one. Works great for my daily trips to my kid’s school. Small enough to take anywhere and I can put around 8 yoyos in it plus an off-string hanging off it.

The YYE 8-space Contest Bag is ideal for contests, leaving in the car, throwing in a backpack and generally and neatly having stuff handy.

After that, I have much larger cases. I have these Zeekio cases(4 of them) that hold 36 yoyos each. I modify the pre-cut foam be reinforcing the top half with a felt backing, and the bottom I do the same but with a flap to go over the top of the foam to prevent the yoyos from clinking together.

I also have a case with half of the foam I cut and is in the lid and holds 24, and the bottom is pick and pull foam, and I did that for my off-strings, which It think holds like 16 off-strings or something like that.

Lastly, I have a 72-star case, which uses 3 layers of star-cut foam and holds 72 yoyos. Despite it’s size(the previous case is the same size), it’s relatively compact considering how much it holds and it’s nice and neat about it.

Ya, I would get a med or small, depending on how many you have.

Medium Duncan bag. Holds 12 yoyos