i didn’t know where to put this soo i was wondering how big the holes in the yye contest bag are cause i want to get it but i play with undersized yoyos like dv888 and popstar and stuff but does the top of the bag hold them in cause in the pic the yoyos look loose in the package or shuld i just make my own and custom fit the holes cause i can pry get about 15 holes for about the same price if i make it on my own.plz reply

I think the holes are one size fits all.(excluding yoyos like mini flea, popstar or offstring throws)
The material is squishy and shapes to your yoyo

I own a Bag its not YYE.
It shoould fit evreyone besides the popstar.
But it wont fall out aslong as you zip it in.
Think Genesis / Yuuksta’s , Protostar’s , Etc etc
Its mainly Normal Sized Yoyo’s but it’ll fit mainly anything besides Mighty Fleas…[NO brainer].

I own the yoyo expert bag, the one that hold 8 yos. I have my hitman pro and my cafe racer and they fit well. There is a lil bit of wiggle room, but the cover is coushiny, so it works out well. I love it.

I just wish it would hold 12 yos

Big enough…

I the yoyoexpert contest bag and a dv888. The dv888 fits the holes but is slightly smaller than the hole. This is not a problem when the bag is closed because the yoyos are secure then, but when the bag is opened smaller yoyos like the dv888 can fall out. (mine has but luckily I caught it) overall it’s one of the better bags for the price :slight_smile:

A guy I throw with has the contest back and it isn’t too big. It fits convenient inside a backpack or can be held like a decent sized book or by the carry handle. It’s like “not too big, not too small, just about right”. It was smaller than I expected when I saw it, but even so, I like the size of it. I wouldn’t mind having one of my own.

My only reservation is I need a large case that holds a large number of yoyos. Even so, the YYE Competition back is well made. I prefer my Medium bag for my “day to day” running around and having a few yoyos readily available needs. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and keep it out of my way.

For really small yoyos, I pop them in a small flannel pouch and then push them in the hole.

Now yoyoexpert has 2 new bags a large that holds12 and a large holding 24