New and Improved YoYoExpert Contest Bags!

The newly redesigned YoYoExpert Contest Bag is bigger and better built to hold, organize, and protect!

We chose a thicker denser foam that holds its form better, stronger material for improved durability, and new hardware for better functionality. The outside zipper pocket is built stronger to accommodate your string and daily necessities while the small foam cut holes easily store your undersized yo-yos and accessories. This bag has everything you need to safely and securely store your favorite throws without worry!

Finished with the classic YoYoExpert logo screen printed on the front, a new durable handle, and an optional shoulder strap. These are the perfect bags to carry all your yo-yo necessities and let everyone know right away that you are a true YoYoExpert!

How much yoyos does each bag hold?

There is a picture of an open bag with 8 spots for yoyos plus a couple counter weight spots above here so I would assume that many.

Any plans for a 2 yoyo bag? Something to edc in a backpack?

We had 2/5/7 yo-yo compartment bags in the past and we’re working on redesigning them now. Might be a while, but we should have them in the future.

Small - 8
Medium - 12
Large - 24

Thanks for pointing that out, i’ll add the numbers to the product modifiers.

Duncan has a small pouch I use. Good for 2-3 yoyos.