New YoYoExpert Sling Bag

Tired of those big bulky yo-yo bags and cases? Looking for a daily bag that won’t weigh you down? Then the YoYoExpert Sling Bag is exactly what you need!

The Sling Bag has a very sleek, compact design and is the perfect day-to-day bag for any yo-yo player. The Large bags are good, but you don’t always need to carry 8, 12, or 24 yo-yos – most of the time you just need to carry one or two of your favorite throws.

That is the core idea behind the Sling Bag. It has the perfect amount of compartments to carry all your essentials; two compartments for yo-yos, a water bottle holder, and then one larger compartment in the back for whatever else you might consider essential.

This high quality bag is available in two different colors, equipped with an adjustable strap, and branded in your favorite YoYoExpert style. Don’t get caught without your favorite throws on hand, pack up your YoYoExpert Sling Bag and head out the door!

These new ideas are great. It’s nice to see people thinking about different ways to carry yo-yo stuff. They look great.

For your consideration: :smiley:

Backpack, with embroidered YoyoExpert logo. 8)

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Finally! Can’t wait to snatch one of these up! Thanks Andre!!

Finally they make a yoyo holding bag like this!! I have always wanted something like this to carry my favorite throws around instead of have a holster and have my throws getting hit on everything. Absolutely love it!!! :slight_smile:
Although I wish that the price were a bit lower, and then I would get one.

I would be too nervous to use it. Looks easy to pilfer from with your stuff behind you.
However, I’m slightly paranoid so don’t listen to me. Still it looks cool.

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Ah that’s an easy solution, just tuck in the zipper inside when it’s almost fully zipped. In order to open it they would have to use their nail, or get a really nice grip on the very small zipper. Plus, why would anyone steal your water bottle? I plan on holding a Kendama in there.

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