What happened to the small YYE bag?!?!?


I can"t find it! I love mine and am going to need another one soon.


didn’t know they were gone. there was easily 50 or something left


Nothing. There are 11 left http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/470/YoYoExpert-Small-Bag-(2-Compartment)


No I mean the contest bag.

(SR) #5

He’s talking about the case that holds 8.


Oh. Well I would guess its out o stock, but why not go for the 12 slot bag?


if I were you save up for a Yoyo case that holds more yoyos so you have more space to fill up with yoyos.


Yeah, but i just love my 8 bag, and the 12 one just looks yuky. :’(


I have the 12 Hole bag.

It’s really good. It’s really sturdy and does it’s job great.

It protected my yoyos when they fell down the steps! 8)


But it looks like it has a lot of room above the yoyo foam, :-\ i like that in my 8 case the foam goes to the top, oh well i guess i could just get some new foam.


Even with these ones, they don’t have black. They only have ugly colors.


or the duncan case I have the 24 case. not the biggest fan of double stacking but with one yoyo in each slot it fits very nicely and secure


Nah the foam takes up alot of space


in order to fill that just throw a bunch of string in the inside pouch😑. That’s what I do!


I had the same opinion as you, but I cut about a half inch thick piece of foam, and laid it on the bottom, now the 12 yo-yo bag is absolutely perfect. I’ll make a quick video for you tomorrow. I also hoped to get an 8 yo-yo bag, just because it looks so neat. Cute little bag, I hope it restocks soon.


You’ll love the 8 yoyo bad. Good, firm foam that fills the bag portion to the top, ensuring your good stay safe. The other holes are great for CWs or lube. The pocket is great for string, lube and other accessories. Between that bag and the YYE 5-pocket bag, plus some off-strings hanging off assorted holders from both, that was my “Vietnam Survival Kit”.

The 8-yoyo bag is great. It better re-stock soon.