Yoyo Case/Bag I can't find it! HELP

Hello there my name is Hayami a recent yoyo aficionado and this is my 1st post :smiley:

So I was browsing some bags some day ago and I came across one yoyo case at the time I really didnt need it, but now my collection is growing and I can’t seem to find it or remember where I saw it. It looks like a red messenger bag slightly longer the price was about $60 and it had the foam holder in the front pocket and the big main pocket was for whatever you could put in. Pls HELP! I really want it and need it.

Thank You

This the one?



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And that is such a great bag!

I saw YYE has some in house YYE brand bags. Ordered a small and a big one.

I’m going to do that soon. I typically like to carry 2-3 yoyos at a time. 2 for actual usage, then one for anyone interested(typically my ONE set responsive). Carrying more would NOT be a bad thing. I like the price and size and style of the YYE branded ones. I just discovered those a few days ago. They need to make some things easier to find on the site!

Every time I come in I check the new release tab, because I got tired of finding out late about stuff that didn’t make it to the home page pic reel.

Whoa those are pretty sweet, I think I’m gonna get one. Never seen em before.

Yeah. I think the larger YYE bag is perfect. Looks like it can handle 4 throws and a place in the back for goodies. It’s not too big either. I guess it’s the yoyo version of the “man bag”.