YoYoExpert Holiday Throwdown Loser's Round 2

Alright, I’m glad to say all 4 Loser’s Round 2 competitors submitted their videos. So let’s get right to it.

First up, Nardcopter vs. Zorro





Now, Erik Kerber vs. J Singh 2K

Erik Kerber

J Singh 2K


Vote for your favorites! Good luck everyone!

Just throwing this out there, although my video is 35 seconds long, I yoyo for about 25 seconds. I don’t go over the limit :smiley:

Wait, I thought editing wasn’t allowed?

So we’re allowed to have cuts and multiple angles now?

I just zoomed in. I shouldn’t have though now that you think of it. Should I send you guys a strait up shot? I have the footage and can put it together pretty quickly.

I’m an idiot. Yea, send me the vid with no edits ASAP. Until then I’m locking the voting

Will do. Very sorry guys!

Great video’s guy’s

  1. Where is Nardcopter’s vid?
  2. Why can’t I vote?

Now I am

I can see this being a close one between Erik and I. Good luck Erik, your video was great!


I turned in my updated video, you guys should be able to vote again. I kept the edited version on youtube because I think the video looks nice haha.

Yeah, I suck. But, let’s turn this around. Lowest number of votes wins. :wink:

I’m loseing by 1 vote the suspense is killing me

*Losing ::slight_smile: but not anymore, we might have another tie-breaker soon! Oh goody!

Yea we’ll see I guess.

Noo now I’m losing by one. Quick someone vote for me

BTW is it ok to vote for yourself ? Because I haven’t the whole time but is that what everyone else is doing.

I’m just wondering because I could tie this if I voted for myself

Of course you can vote for yourself. I did, which makes me look really lame that 2 other people voted for me. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Well no wonder I’m loseing by 1 vote

J singh 2k must have voted for himself

Too bad I cant change it