YoyoExpert Forum Secret Santa Thread: ROUND 2: Ship out your yoyos!


This is going to be awesome!

Ill do it too :slight_smile:


Getting even better!

Did I kill the thread with the woot woots?

I’ll personally vouch for this fellow.

Well then yes, yes you would.

Cool. I have a bunch more feedback on YYN as well.


Yes, I can certainly vouch for him. :slight_smile:

If only I had feedback

Anyone else doing this?

I want to but i only have 8 feedback :’(

:EDIT Make that 9 :slight_smile:

Close enough, pm me


Alright guys, so this isn’t getting many more members. Tell your friends! I want to reach 30 so this can be done well! If i have to, i will stop at 20

Same here :frowning:

If you can get someone who you know, or have met at contests to vouch for you i can let you in

Is it okay if we tell what we are shiping? or at least tell one of the contents?


Bump come on guys. :slight_smile:


It’s Secret Santa.