YoYoExpert Community Video Compilation - Brought to you by Elen!

Alrighty guys! Here’s the plan.

I’m going to put together a yoyo video of anybody and everybody here who wants to contribute! It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re at, or what style you play. Everybody can be a part of this!

Here’s what you need to do to participate.

I’m going to tentatively set the deadline for clips to December 1st. (This is subject to change.)

Send an email with your Yoyoexpert account name and of your yoyo trick (attached or with a download link) to yoyoexpertcompilation@gmail.com

Here are the guidelines.

  1. You must include the name of your yoyoexpert account in the email. (I will be editing this into your clip in the video)
  2. Only ONE THROW is allowed per person. Any video with more will not be included in the video.
  3. In addition to only having 1 throw, each person is limited to 30 seconds of footage. (I can trim the ends, just try not to do anything extremely long. This is negotiable if you have something incredible )
  4. Your video must be of adequate visual quality. If I decide it is not up to high enough standards, I will contact you to figure out a solution.
  5. The video must either be directly attached to the email, or a download link must be included.
  6. Any email sent that does not obey these guidelines may be discarded without notification. PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES BEFORE SUBMITTING.

You may OPTIONALLY include your real name AND/OR the name of your trick for me to include in the video if you so choose.

As long as you meet the guidelines, your trick is guarantee’d to be included!

And that’s it! I think this has the potential to be a lot of fun, and turn out really incredible! Let’s get is started!

-Jared A.K.A. Elen

Man I’m ALL over this! I’ll send you Ryan On Fire as soon as I can get my grubby mits on a camera. ;D

Awesome. This wouldn’t be complete without some epic PandaJoe action.

hey, so this thing is still happening, right? I have been working on my moves and im about to send you a video.


Don’t you already have a topic for this? Like the one gm user posted?

Yes, I ended up posting it in two sections, since I want as many people to view it as possible, and it was relevant to both!

I sent the clip again. Did you get it?

No, I just checked again Joe :S I know there are no issues with the gmail account, since many others have had no issues. Send me a PM explaining exactly how you’re sending it, and what email you’re using. Something seems fishy :S I know we can figure it out.

Since I just completed my clip, I decided to bring this back up again.

This is a great idea and it would be great if we could cram a lot of people into this.

Mhmm. I still need a LOT more footage for this to be what I’m hoping. Get involved everyone!

I’ll be uploading mine to Vimeo.

Sounds good ^^ Just make sure to email me the link.

weeping i hate that my computer i broke and i have no camera, but if i did, if i sent u the vid as a windows movie maker file, would the quality be good enough?

bump bump, this will be great. maybe this could be a yearly thing if enough people contribute.

I’ll try to make time if possible. Maybe extend the deadline another month?

I definitely am. Still need a lot more footage for this to be worthwhile.

I’m working on my camera. Well both of them. If I get them going I may do something.

What’s the deadline? I’ll work on it now. Just need one week preferably.