Be Featured in the r/Throwers Viral Video!

Aloha yoyoexpert forum members!

The guys in the r/Throwers sub-reedit are helping me in creating an awesome throwing video for 2015. I am going to be producing the video and editing clips starting January first. All you have to do is record yourself throwing in a well-lit, interesting environment.

If you plan on participating, email with your name and email so I can send you a shared dropbox folder to drop video files in.

Please record the video at the highest quality you can and a high framerate if you have that option. (iPhone slo-mo mode is great for this if you don’t have a better camera)

Videos are due january first, but if you plan on sending them in, please email me ASAP so I know how many we have participating! Also, spread the word!

PS - I’m in talks with Andre Boulay about getting him in the video or having yoyoexpert sponsor it! If you are involved or own any sort of yoyo business (strings, bearings, yo-yos, etc) and you’re interested in sponsoring the video, get it touch as well!

Do you want just one combo or a whole video? Please further instruct on exactly what you want.

Is only 1a allowed?

Nope! You can do any style of throwing.

And yes, I want a whole video. I will edit them down to whatever size we need to fill in the spots and match up with the music!

mines going to be interesting. I think i accidentally caught on film of me singing to some music on my iPod. :stuck_out_tongue:

This sounds pretty cool actually. I’m not a redditor, would it be wrong of me to take part? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t count me as the best, if you want a decent not the best yoyo-er i would love to take part

This is cool, I know just where to do it where it looks cool :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna try and film a little fixed axle play to make sure those of us with #fixedaxlefever are featured as well.

Yes guys! You do not have to be a reddit member (although I recommend the throwers reddit)

Just email me at with your name and email and I’ll send you a Dropbox folder to upload your videos.

Abby, thanks for the footage! Great stuff!

All skill levels are welcome!

no problem I have been working on some new elements anyways.

I might do this do you want me to edit out major mistakes and stuff when I send it in? that is if I get a chance to film but I think I can squeeze it in.

No editing just send me everything. I will be cutting all the videos