yoyofactory ONE collaboration


Well, I hope this is in the right section, but…
I feel like doing a video collaboration type thing using only the ONE.
Just a thing where people send in themselves doing one throw.
I just thought it would be a video that really anyone can do.

If you feel like entering up…

  • only one throw please
  • use a one (obviously)
  • be positive! I want this to be a vid showing that yoyoing is fun! Smile!
  • if you can, please get it of only the throw, not talking or anything like that.
  • send the vids to my email (on my profile)

Happy throwing!

P.S. suggest some songs! (Or tell me how to turn this into a poll so we can vote)
I was thinking, ravers in the U.K., Kyoto by skrillex, cloudburn by feed me or the great escape by boys like girls



ill shoot a vid using my ONE ill shoot it when i get some time. show off my new combo


should we use the half-spec or the normal bearing?


I’m definitely up for it. I’ll make mine soon. It won’t be the best quality, but I think this would be cool.

When should we have them in?


Half spec or spec is fine :slight_smile:

No set date for the deadline, just when I feel there’s enough submissions that catch what I’m really trying to shoe in this video (that you don’t need a fancy metal throw, there’s a lot you can do on just about any yoyo, and that yoyoing is supposed to be fun!



i’d like to join in :slight_smile: how would we submit our videos?


just email them to me (on my profile) :slight_smile:



Would we send a youtube link of our vid?


how do i send it to you?


Send them to my email address as an mp4, wmv, or similar format :slight_smile:

If I can get a good YouTube to mp4 thing going you’ll just be able to send me a link. (I’ll let you guys know if that happens)



It would be easier for everyone just to email it no need to upload it to youtube so he has to download it again… if it doesnt fit in an email compress it and send it


Come on guys! We need some submissions!



I’ll get mine in by the end of the week. i’ve been pretty sick, so i haven’t been able to film yet.