The ONE project look inside for details [Merged]

hey guys, it’s back! The ONE project is back and coming strong!we hope you are ready!

The project is all about showing people (especially the uninitiated ;))that yoyoing is fun, and doesn’t need an expensive yoyo.

Here’s how you can help: send us a video showing how much fun you can have using nothing but a one! Maybe a couple snapshots for you people with snazzy cameras.

sending in videos…
Instagram: (preferably 1:1 ratio cropping)

Actual video’s
YouTube: WeThrowOnes
Instagram: The_One_Project

Have fun!

-Chris (pudge34)
-Zach (yoyo creep)

[original post]

So, a little while back some one wanted to make a compilation of people doing one throw with the ONE, i just thought what if a made a youtube account for everyone to post their videos of using the one? i would pm you the account info and you could only use the ONE, because i want to show people that you dont have to spend much to have fun with throwing!


Yay! My idea is brought back to life!


I would be so happy to do this since, ya know, I want to keep my idea flowing ;D mind if I make a channel for this?


If both of us could be in charge :slight_smile: ;D

I have been messing around with responsive yoyoing for the last month or so. In other words, I’m in.

deal :slight_smile: I’ll make it today

ok cool send me the info when you make it!


pm me!

Well guys, if you’ve seen things floating about of us, then you know what’s going on. If not, we’re basically here to show people that yoyoing is fun. Spread the Word and things. so, Basically, you can just make a video of yourself using ONLY the yoyofactory ONE. So, the way we’re going to do this is simple. If you want to put your video on there, just message me or Pudge34 saying you have a vid, and we’ll give you the YouTube log-in info. We’ll probably change the password after every upload so, if you’re that kind of person, don’t try anything.

Keep it fun. Keep it fun.


Woo Hoo! Let’s show everyone how fun yoyoing can be without spending more than $10

Pm me the info.

I will be buying a ONE tomorrow

it is awesome i love this idea! it shows that you don’t need to be a “pro” to be good with a “crappy” yoyo (i put quotations because these are like basic sterotypes) im in! ill pm you once i have a video! once again great idea! just love it its time for a yoyo revolution!!!.. AGAIN!!!

Bump! We’re bringing it back!

I’m down.

We are allowed to use unresponsive bearings right?

Man, my brother had a ONE but he lost it. He and I would have loved to enter.

Fine with me

Of course!

Onestars are now thrown into the mix!

Can we use any cheap yoyo? I don’t want to run out and buy a ONE just to use it this one time.