YoYoExpert commercial

I’m doing a project for my TV production 2 class and I’m going to do and i will be advertising yoyoexpert.com in this commercial. Anyone want to add some footage of their own combos or yourself doing a favorite trick? ALSO ANDRE IF THIS ISN’T COOL WITH YOU LET ME KNOW!!! I’m only doing this for a grade but i thought it would be cool to get the forum community involved and have some fun! The video will be exactly a minute long so clips can be edited per the speed of your trick or combo. All styles of play are welcome as are all levels of play(walking the dog is welcome). Let me know if any of you are interested!

That sounds like an awesome idea!

hey im interested and i can give u like mayby a 4 or 5 or 6 second clip

I can probably send a clip with me wearing a yye tshirt doing a cool slack trick. PM me if u r interested.

wow glad to see some interest in this already! I’m welcome to any and all footage so just PM me when you get it filmed and we can go from there!

message sent!

I’ll be willing to do some body tricks for it.

that would be cool

Im in!

I’d be willing to put down a couple easier SPB mount tricks if thats cool

Could you post the commercial here at the forums when you’re done?

of course!

i am all for as much footage as possible!

glad to hear it!

I would totally throw in a trick. I could do my Cold fusion with 1.5 suicide lol

iam in to dude :wink:

I’ll contribute a finger grind to ninja vanish for a nice little snippet ;D. When is the project due?

whats the latest we can give the clip to you

I’l do hooks and whips if I have time. :smiley:

i can walk the dog people love (and i think thats the most i could do in 4-5s i could do split the atom but not that fast

I’m in! :slight_smile:

When should we send our videos to you?

Happy Throwing! =]

BUMP! still need more footage guys!!

as far as due dates go i need the footage ASAP!!!

I’ll walk the dog. Haha.