Asked to yoyo for TV Commercial *UPDATE*6-12-16

(InvaderDust) #1

I work at a HobbyTown USA and was asked to be “the action shot” for a commercial they are having produced. They filmed it today and Im pretty excited to see how it will all turn out. It was fun to show the camera guy yoyo stuff a bit above walk the dog stuff.

Anyway, im a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my personal editing choices so Im excited to see what a muggle does with the footage. Itll be fun to see what he thinks looks good.

Ill post more updates as the come available, it should air in about a week on several channels around the area.

Just excited to be an ambassador for the yoyo community to show the “world” a subtle reminder that yoyos are cool!


That’s excellent!


That’s awesome, congratz!!! Think a copy could end up on YouTube? Maybe a link could end up here?



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Awesome! Hope to be able to see it!

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I had a similar experience before.
Even to this day, I haven’t watched it, and I’ll never will. The way my friends tell me about it, it seems to be edited with some really lame commentary to the point it scared me.
I hope it goes well for you, waiting for updates.

(InvaderDust) #7

The footage was shot quickly and painlessly. I should hear back in a few days to see final product. For better or worse, whats done is done. Im no pro and I would prefer a polished edit, but this isnt about “me” its about toys. :slight_smile:

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So here was the final proof sent to us before it was approved to air. Nows its being showing on multiple channels and networks including (locally) Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Food Network, and more but so far thats the ones ive gotten word back that they have seen it there.

No such thing as bad publicity, right?!

Anyway heres a glimpse into my “daily grind” and my work space. :slight_smile:


^^^ Nice!


Oops didn’t mean to thank you vegabomb, but I guess you’re cool… ;D

Anyway, nice job. I’d want to get a yoyo, if I was new and saw that!


Given the scant amount of time this commercial’s format afforded each hobby I thought your portion was quite effective in presenting yoyoing as very enticing to an unacquainted public.


Your a star!

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Sweet! Thanks for the feedback! Everyone has been so nice and supportive about it. Im really glad I could be a (seemingly, at least at first glance) effective ambassador to the hobby! :slight_smile:

Haha, Ive been nearly famous a few times for a few reasons, this is just a fun way for me to show people that yoyos are still cool. 8)


I agree. And I have to say, that store is a seriously full featured store. I can see myself shopping there for several of my hobbies.


Nice spot on the commercial. Did you used to play in a band?

(InvaderDust) #16

And yes.
Ive played in several over the years in bars and festivals. Didgeridoo was my jam. (im know as the Didgeridude in many circles still to this day, even tho im “retired” from that life style)