Got asked to yoyo again in another commercial for our local hobby shop.

Its not much, but its there! I have gotten a ton of feedback and sightings of the commercial so exposure is decent. Anything helps, right?

Super dope Dust! Yeah that good exposure. Will help draw in more people to this community i betcha! I think thats great. I wish there was a store here in Oklahoma. 2 thumbs up man. Great job

Oh my gosh! Thanks for posting this! I decided to look up hobby town USA on my phone and learned that there is one like an hour from where I live! Apparently it’s a franchise? Awesome!

Edit: according to their website, they don’t seem to have yoyos :frowning:

Awesome! I’ve been thinking about hitting up our local Hobbytown USA to see if they would start carrying some stuff. We started a local club and want to get new people involved. Having somewhere to get beginner stuff would help.

Call them and ask them, do not trust websites, especially with hobby towns. They are all family owned and operated and while they do share the same main distributors to give an idea of stock or availability, they all choose what to carry or who to work with, meaning all will be different stocks and types of stuff carried. If they dont have what your looking for ask them to carry it. Never know!

Okay! I am definitely going to stop in sometime! It’s in a town I go to probably every other month, so its worth a stop!

Cool! But, MORE yoyo!!!

What yoyos does your HT carry?

Here is a pic of our last shipment from YYF. We also carry alot of the Duncan and Yomega line.

Heres a fun question. What trick am I doing? :smiley:

Ann Connolly’ s magical trick??

Thats right! That was fast. lol


There is! It’s at that shopping plaza just up the way from where hastings used to be on main street in Norman!

Don’t see anything about yoyos, just some guy talking about all the great stuff (except yoyos) hobby town has.

This was a revamped “Round 2” commercial. the first one showcased our “yoyos galore”

Also, its working cause i get numerous people every day telling me they saw my yoyoing, so, like i said, its not much, but its a start.

Here was the first one that this is to compliment. They wanted to showcase other stuff thats hot at the moment. namely pine wood stuff.

oops! double post…

/jazz hands

That’s awesome! With a spaceballs shirt. Hahaha!

I was so stoked when they said i could wear that shirt for the shoot. Honestly that was what I was most excited about the whole shpiel! haha