Team YoyoExpert

So we have mentioned this many times but i think we really should make one! we could have a night that we could online meet and just for fun! If andre would be ok with it. Post a comment if you think you would join!
We could make videos and stuff but some could just socialize and talk about tricks… but better with a camera or whatnot

Me! I want to join. :wink:


I would definitely join if I was considered to be good enough… I’m up for it!

I would like to join, but I may be a beginner for a long time. I have yoyos. I can bring yoyos.

I’m in all the way. During meetings we could discuss yoyo stuff, talk about making signature series, and talk about uniforms!

Really we could do this… Lets see how many will reply to the forum topic… I know i will…

Can I join even though I don’t have a camera?

Can I join even though I stink? At yoyoing, that is… :wink:

I would join as long as there are no uniforms involved.
And I should be getting a good camera soon.

Oh, and who was the one that suggested this on chat night?
Andre said “maybe some day.” So I am not sure if this will happen…

Same here! :slight_smile:

Seriously, do we need to submit videos?

I would join Im good but not too good I through long sleepers and Im working on black hops so im willing to join


Im soory but i Priveted YoYoexpert and he said not now… but maybe later… but yea…

i would love to join, i am oKay, i guess and for the uniform, it should be the YYE tshirt

Hey guys,
We are not ready for an “official” YoYoExpert Team or anything. You can organize whatever you want on the side - but for now we are just not ready to actually sponsor one, etc.
Maybe someday - just not yet. :wink:

i’d be on it, but if yoyoexpert says “not now maybe later” then it will just have to wait.

I agree with Andre, it doesn’t just happen right away.
It takes more time to be ready for.

Happy Throwing! =]

If you think about it, every team made is mostly a bunch of people sponsored by a bigshot company.

YoyoExpert isn’t a company, it’s more of an online community. Now if we can all somehow have

resources to make yoyos then yeah, YoyoExpert could become an actual yoyo manufacturing


Keep on Spinning

Yeah, cnn has a point. :-
Hopefully it will come soon. :wink:

CNN, I don’t think Andre would make yoyos if YoYoJam already does.