yoyoexpert team

hey guys. me and some of the guys in chat have been talking about a yoyoexpert.com team (martial yos idea) and i thought that would be awesome let me know some of the ideas or opinions. thanks

You mean like YYE start a company or just sponsor and have people join the team??? But that would be cool.

wouldnt andre have to approve this?

i dont know just an idea
i can do that without his permission cant i?

He said that we can do whatever we want on the sidelines but nothing official without his approval.

I’m not sure if I would incorporate his domain name in your team. I mean it is his. If he wants to start a team and none of you are on it then it would cause some confusion. I’d just call it something else.

it wouldn’t be a bad idea. get his aproval and he could sponsor some players at contests. Samad is already sponsored though and i think he would be the best choice. but brian, JM, and some other people would be great.

Andre isn’t going to sponsor someone that he didn’t pick unless they are really really good. Besides, how many yoyo stores have yoyo teams?

guys it was just an idea and a longshot and i knew it would not happen just a shot in the dark

Yeah, cool idea. Yoyoexpert maybe sponsoring some players, well it’s something to think about, but still, cool idea.

not enough

I think this is a great idea, but I don’t think Andre will sponsor anyone. It would be awesome if we could organize a team for fun. Yeah, but we could use the name YoYoExpert without Andre’s permission. So, I think it would be cool, but I don’t know how successful it would be.

well tons of people do use yoyoexpert’s logo durring contests. it wouldn’t change much

Alright guys, let’s take a step back and think.
Everyone, raise your hand. Now if you have competed, put your hand down. If you have ever been on an ACTUAL yoyo team(Not just a forum based one), put your hand down. If you wouldn’t be a complete Embarassment to YoyoExpert by competing for them, put your hand down. There are probably a lot of hands still in the air.
I assume that if Andre was to ever put together a YoYoExpert team, he would want experience and great play style. He’d want people who are accustomed to being in the contest atmosphere and who could keep their composure. And I’m fairly sure he’d want people older than 12 and 13 year olds. The only people I could really see bringing a good name to YYE would be Josh and Samad ( I know he’s like 11, but he could kill anyone of us in a straight up trick contest), no offense to anyone else, but they are actually at a competition level.

You don’t make a team because it sounds like a fun way to spend a day, you make a team because you have a group of people striving towards the same goal, or who like the same product, and get along well with each other. Now with all the childish I see on YYE, don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.

That’s all I have to say about that,


True, and also Samad is like 14. :stuck_out_tongue:

i hate to burst you bubble but non of them said they actually though they’d be on the team.

Right, because they’d all be pushing for it if they knew they didn’t get a spot on it

I didn’t even want to be on a team. :stuck_out_tongue: