Fures Iactus!

Hello all. I’ve been apart of the yo-yo community now for a few years, posting videos and participating in forums. When I first started yoyoexpert I had made a team called Team Spinfreaks, and now I want to make another. I want to make a team that will post videos and actually participate. I’m not wanting a team that will compete in contests, make T-Shirts, all that little stuff that actual professionals do. I’m wanting a team that will make a video once a month showcasing our skills and progress. I want to compile a group of videos including yo-yo reviews, trick tutorials, battles, and our monthly video. By now I should probably tell you I’m only wanting members with a camera. The videos shall go to my YouTube channel for the main reason being I don’t want to start up another channel.

Now you’re probably thinking,(hopefully),“Wow, this is surely something I want to be in,” well you can! All you have to do is submit a short 30 second video to me showcasing your skill level, be it tutorial making or actual freestyle, and I will pick only the best of the best. There will be 5 other people allowed in the team, and I want to make this for more than just videos. I want it to be a group of throwers that can trade, chat, swap tricks. I want a team that can get to know each other and have a great time.

So if you would like to join, send me a link to a 30 second video showcasing your skills, as well as your age and name.(Put it in the video because I will add you to a main video showcasing the members). I want to have a team full of mature people, (age doesn’t matter as much as maturity does.) Shoot me a pm today ;D

Nobody wants to start up some battles?

Cmon guys, I’m not giving up!