******NEED MORE PEOPLE THEN 3*****putting together a California competition team

ok so heres what you do just post a video on here of u and will judge you but you must live in california

team site http://www.vertayo.webs.com

so no rules? btw, i live in Los Angeles.

come on

you should make a cross country competition team!

eventually it will be but im starting hear because its a small amount so when the team yoyos come out i can sell them to like 6 weather then 30

come on need more people

hey there am in for this but i recently dont have anything to record with O_o

let me know what else i can do…pm me for some help

i have some clips that i was putting together for a the bombsquadyyf comp. but never was i able to finish ive gotten better since then so idk if i should post or pm it to you


I’ll try to get a vid. up soon.

Hmmmm. I’m already a member of team Kusagari, and I don’t know if I should join 2 teams. I might join though later. I’m going to give myself some time to think. And when I decide, I’ll put a quick video I made up.

I might try to audition. Just one thing I wonder is that do I have anything extremely special when on the team. Also, I’m pretty sure some people are wondering about the perks of the team.

people try



My camera broke so I can’t make a new vid, but heres a vid from 2 months ago.

nice video lol it looked like you where in the hood in “cut the mullet”.


haha no, the intension was for it to look like that. my friends and i live in one of the nicer neighboorhoods of LA. we just chose to shoot in crappy allies and intersections.

Dude, I guess I’ll join until it get popular and people want in. But do I have to make a video, I am so lazy right now.