******NEED MORE PEOPLE THEN 3*****putting together a California competition team

(JustisEvans) #1

ok so heres what you do just post a video on here of u and will judge you but you must live in california

team site http://www.vertayo.webs.com

(LookAYoYo) #2

so no rules? btw, i live in Los Angeles.

(JustisEvans) #3

come on


you should make a cross country competition team!

(JustisEvans) #5

eventually it will be but im starting hear because its a small amount so when the team yoyos come out i can sell them to like 6 weather then 30

(JustisEvans) #6

come on need more people


hey there am in for this but i recently dont have anything to record with O_o

let me know what else i can do…pm me for some help

i have some clips that i was putting together for a the bombsquadyyf comp. but never was i able to finish ive gotten better since then so idk if i should post or pm it to you

(JustisEvans) #8



I’ll try to get a vid. up soon.


Hmmmm. I’m already a member of team Kusagari, and I don’t know if I should join 2 teams. I might join though later. I’m going to give myself some time to think. And when I decide, I’ll put a quick video I made up.


I might try to audition. Just one thing I wonder is that do I have anything extremely special when on the team. Also, I’m pretty sure some people are wondering about the perks of the team.

(JustisEvans) #12

people try

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(BaileyT) #15

My camera broke so I can’t make a new vid, but heres a vid from 2 months ago.


nice video lol it looked like you where in the hood in “cut the mullet”.

(JustisEvans) #17


(LookAYoYo) #18

haha no, the intension was for it to look like that. my friends and i live in one of the nicer neighboorhoods of LA. we just chose to shoot in crappy allies and intersections.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #19

Dude, I guess I’ll join until it get popular and people want in. But do I have to make a video, I am so lazy right now.

(JustisEvans) #20