Revolution evolution sign ups

We are yoyoers. The purpose of our team is to do video battles post videos o our yotube channel and have fun yoyoing. We all are scatered throughout the u.s. i have room for 3 mor members more members here are the current members

  1. Dojo-yoyo7-leader
  2. yoyo2911
  3. zerrubabbel
  4. dingo54- co leader
  5. JAZZYO52

Those are the current members,Pm me to join


Sure ill join is there a tryout or no? What is your average skill level.

i have no idea what the average skill level is, but who cares, this is about having fun… as for the try out, he asked for a video… i plan on filming a free throw so when ever i get the chance, ill have that up

Cool, cool. I’ll try and get my tryout vid up by the end of next week

Please don’t recruit via PM spamming next time. I already said in the IRC/chat room I wasn’t interested, and then a PM shows up an hour later. Maybe I’m over-reacting, but I find that to be rude.

I wish you all the best for your team drive, but I’d appreciate you’d stick with the “post it on the forum” method.

For the record:
I’m not interested in joining any team. A club perhaps, but not a team. I have no interest in competitive playing and the only purpose for a team in my opinion is for competitive playing. So, please, don’t waste time recruiting me. I am NOT worth it and I am not interested.

Sure why not I will upload my video tomorrow.

i think more than a few of us would disagree with the “worth it” part :wink:

ill be the brave one and post the first vid in this thread :wink:

Great job dude!!! ;D

thanx… the first one is an idea i had been messing around with for the past few days, and the second was a hiroyuki suzuki inspired move…

Please take me off the list, thanks for the offer, but I’m flying solo for now.

Me too i just don’t have time to make videos every other week


ill join heres my pnwr routine take 1

hey i asked to be in. my vid is here

Pm’d you. I am not sure about skill, but I can have fun.

sorry all full