Revolution evolution X REX for short

This is a new team of the future.To join the team you got to do 2 things. 1. pm me or geckoguy05 a video of yourself yoyoing and 2 write and interview with the folowing criteria.

1.First name
2.How long you have been yoyoing
3.Aour favorite yoyo
4.And your favorite yoyo trick

Hope you pick me if you cant make a video then talk to geckoguy05 or me

                       Thanks, Justin

Umm, who the heck are you?

another one?

how is this different from cor3-2p1n (which I still think 5p1n would make more sense), spin freaks, etc.

yea I guess teams are kind of pointless :-\ but they’re just for fun.

your werst nightmare lol just new to forums

Ummm, that’s BS. You were previously yoyoninjaboy7, jyo777, and possibly turtleyo.
The Shadow knows… :wink:

So is he banned?