team Sp!N-fßeaKz announcement/thread.

Hey, recently I had joined teams with team core-spin and we decieded to create a fancied lettered name. we’ll have video contests and a limit on who can join,and to get in you simpily have to send me a video. Everyone in team spinfreaks can also send in a video and we’ll post a team vid every two months or so. My current list of members is…

so yea pm me to join send me a vid with it and i’ll discuss with gmana about the limit of people :wink:

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Hey we also have a website and a new banner.

Hey all team spinfreak members. You should all put up a little about yourself. Tell us how you started yoyoing, the trick your working on now, and what best describes you as a yoyoer. are you supported when you do or do you have a yoyo nickname? How big is your collection, and what is your favorite yoyoer/ person you look up to.

So,I started yoyoing in sixth grade when I found found a yoyo trick book at the library, and it was titled THE AMAZING YOYO. I realized my dad got me a duncan mosquito for christmas. I then took the book around with me everywhere and learned trick after trick. I only thought that trapeze and rock the baby where the hardest tricks you could do. I am currently working on perfecting my 1a and 5a tricks I know now, and I’m also doing and whut, and white buddha. I have about 20 different yoyo’s and some kids in school call me yoyo freak. My favorite team is duncan, mainly because of the history and the quality of the products they put out. My favorite yoyoer/person I look up to has to be Josh Yee. I’m not just saying that because he’s an expert on the forum, but because he’s taught me so many tricks on youtube and is totally legit(as he likes to say) ;D. So thanks for reading and have a good day:{).

Hay a new team members ;D
thanks for sending vids ;D

huh what? I feel like I was just drafted. ._.
I don’t really wanna join tbh. don’t really see the point

Another one eh.

I started (and ended) yoyoing in grade 3. This guy named Ned came to my school, showed off some begginer tricks and blew my mind. So I got a yoyo, gave up and forgot about it. UNTIL grade 7. I remembered the good times and my face getting hit, so I took it up again. My favourite company is any company. I don’t have a big collection (that’s why I said “any company”). And the player who really got me into yoyoing was Hiroyuki Suzuki. The trick I’m working on now is one I came up with (thinking of calling it “mirror’s edge”).

Thanks! :smiley:


Ps. @ Jayyo, This is just for fun and giggles. calm down bro.