Team yoyoexpert

Yes. Yes. I know there already is a topic on this and we have talked about it already but I want to know if this is going to happen or not. So Andre can you give us an answer it’s ok if it might not happen any time soon but I’m sure we all want to know

this is probaly not going to happen anytime soon if at all.

Yes yes, there was a forum on this -SO USE IT!- think before you post- and he no-ed it read the other topic

No offense, but if you knew there was another thread, you should’ve read it.

Thanks Kim Lan. :slight_smile:

This is not going to happen. Andre is the leader of YoYoJam. He can’t be on two teams.

lol ya

Actually, I think you can be. I read somewhere that André is sponsored by YYJ, Infinite Illusions, and Team A-two-Z (Or however you write it ;))

Sponsorship is different from a team.