Team Yoyojam.


Does anyone know if you can be sponsored by yoyojam without entering any competitions

Wilba out!


If they sponsor you, i think they expect you to compete. I don’t know of anyone on team yyj that doesn’t compete, other than the team leaders like andre and JD.


yeah i would think they would want you to compete. I don’t know if they sponsor any one besides team yoyojam. I know André gets his stuff free but he runs yoyojam basically and works for the company. I’ll have to ask him some time. later and remember keep it spinning.


yeah, i think the sponsored players are those who compete and usually get a high place on the rank, is that right? please correct me if i’m wrong, here in the philippines, as of now, we only have one sponsored player and he plays 1A…


The UK only has Arron Sparks, i havent seen him compete in a while, he didn’t come to nats this year


nice topic dude!i really want to be sponsored so that i won’t buy yoyos and spend too much hehe hope that i can be one of them.


It doesnt work like that, they have to invite you on the team, and you should be really good at yoyoing, and may have a few titkes, but, I’m probably wrong.

Also, everyone one Team YYJ gets unlimited string, one of every production yoyo, they get e-mailed about events, and they get to test out new yoyo, and they get discounts. You can see it all here:


Try to go to this website.

Happy Throwing! =]