What exactly does it mean to be on a yoyo team?

I see people, even in the B/S/T and their info says they’re on yyj of yyf team or whatever, but they still say they have to sell yoyos to get money to go to a competition or whatever. I would think that the team would pay for you to go to the competition but I guess not…so what exactly are the pros of being on a yoyo team?

I would assume that there are different types of sponsorship. Some agreements may include funding contests and yoyos, but others may just fund strings in return for a promotional video every once in a while. It would all depend on the agreement between the company and the yoyoer.

I think some of the people you are referring to are simply just fans who consider themselves part of the team rather than actually being sponsored by that company or may be honorary team members without any of the perks.

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