Can someone here explain if you are sponsored by a Yo-yo Company?

I mean what are the benefits? Free Yo-yo’s?

every company handles it differently, and frequently on a 1-to-1 basis with each player.
although generally free production and/or prototype yo-yo’s are definitely involved, money, travel/lodging for contests, string, clothing, and “other amenities” may also be.

at one point, brandon jackson posted a good breakdown of what different companies do, from the ayya newsletter, but it’s out of date. i’ll try to find it.

edit: BLAM (like i said, out of date)


Extremespin team is on there =) Makes me smile.

A good amount of free stuff is involved, and they help you get places… For example, if I was sponsored and was driving from Long Island (where I live) to MA states, my sponsor might give me some money for gas.