How do you become a member of team yoyojam?

Well how do you become a member of team yoyojam? Or aney yoyo team for that matter?

Do the following…

Be innovative
Use their yoyos
Do well in contests
Be polite to everyone
Talk to and respect the team members
Make videos
Help other yoyoers
Don’t beg
Most Important: Develop a friendship with team members

Note: Even if you do all of these things, there is a very slim chance you will end up sponsored.

Pretty much all of the thing DYonch said, if youwin a contest the companies will always think about sponsoring you.

Well every team has a different way to get in. YYJ use to be a send in video kinda thing. That’s how André got on YYJ. Now you have to be given an invite based on all the characteristics that DYonch said. Just be a naturally friendly person that is willing to jump up to help anyone. Also it helps if you are good a yoyoing. Later.

Keep it spinning™

Team probably wouldn’t sponsor someone if they don’t have a lot of skill.

Yeah i know there is a pretty slim chance but thanks for all the help, and who knows maybe i will be on the team some day.

Yes you basically want to be a good yoyo-er and win competitions. If you dont win but do well u have a chance too. An exmple of this would be A.J Kirk. He earned 3rd place at the world 5a competition and was offered a sponsorship the next day. If you do well chances are better if getting in ;D