Yoyo team

Does anyone know how to get on team duncan. What is the proccess? How good must u b? What are the requirments

They have to ask you. And i don’t know just how good you are but you have to be really really good.

a while back they were looking for a 2a player last summer. But, that’s all I have heard. Also every once in a while they have scouting or more or less a contest saying do a YouTube video and send it to us and we decided is you get in!

4 words. You aren’t good enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s actually 5 words. But the truth is what andy said, you probably ain’t good enough… like almost everyone on the forum.

Ok thanks anyways

Most large YoYo company teams don’t have any sort of special criteria to get on their team. It’s not always about skill or contest placement, but often who the person is, I they are a friend of those within, if they are a well known and positive image among the community. Getting on teams has no “secret”, just a matter of wether or not the owners like you for what you do, YoYo tricks or not.

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My response to these questions is always the same. Compete, win, get picked up, keep competing.

Aznboyaz is sponsored by Zeekio AND bigyoyostrings, not to mention he has his own company as well. Never won a contest, never competed at a contest, never been to a contest


True but he makes a lot of videos and is pretty known around the community. So make videos, compete at contest and just get more into the yoyo scene and then who knows what can happen.