what does it take to be on a yoyo team?

I’m just wondering…What does it take for someone to be able to join a team(ex.Team yoyojam)? :slight_smile:

You need to be good and be nice and help other players


You just need mad skizzels yo 8)

You need to have gills and a dorsal fin.

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No, it’s aaallll in the tail.

Is that how you got offers?

Also like everyone said be nice be involved and be really good at yoyoing.


You need to be a whiny self-absorbed apologist….with delusions of grandeur …. You must commit self imposed exile from the community… suffer from paranoia… and sexual deviation…have a nice wool cap … plus mad skills…

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Some luck.

I’ve got everything except the wool cap…

The part of exile and the wool cap might be a Jensen Kimmitt reference or some reference to a great forgotten player.

Be good, helpful, and know the whole team

You also gotta have connections to the chinese mafia.
They’ll help you out.

And if you have hooves, thats a plus.

Oh and being tall is a plus as well.

All the good yoyoers are tall.

chew plenty of radioactive bubble gum :slight_smile:

If I recall, you must isolate yourself from the rest of society by travelling to the mountains and training there. For a year you must climb waterfalls and fight bears with nothing but your least favorite yo-yo that you have in order to form a bond with it. Then you must find a white gi, and a black belt as your outfit and perform the electric shuffle on stage while doing your yo-yo routine. After that, if you don’t win threaten the judges with your awesome crane kick and you will win many titles thus getting you noticed… by the mafia!

It takes you putting your self in a place of esteem in the community, normally.

I’m 6’ 4" and I still suck!!!

He never said all tall yoyoers are good… Just that all good ones are tall…

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This thread is hilarious, but I’m gonna just be totally real, you really shouldn’t set your sites on being on a team. You should throw yoyos you love, play as much as you can and as enthusiastically as you can, get as good as you can, and, most importantly, have a TON of fun. Being on a team is like sprinkles on your ice cream. No one cares one way or the other, it’s just nice to have sometimes.