lets make a team

people on on team diamond strike so far are chameleon,gm user,mage1342,vincent,davideyo,mikey77,IHateMATT,shisaki417,and rsmod123 and thank you to rsmod 123 for giving the idea to mod this post. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Do you have to be really good?

Is there get-togethers? Or is this just an online thing?

no you have to be a kid though because im a kid

yeah its an online thing

Age groups?


are you guys on the team

  1. What do we do.

I’ll join,what do we have to do to get in it?

Mabye. I’ll let you know.

nothing just tell me your on the team


Il join. I’m 16 so im really cutting it close and I’m not that great.

you dont have to be good

Im 10! Can I join?

Uuuhhm,what is is the point of making a team if we just tell you we are on it,is there anything else?

this seems really pointless. why have a online team. by the sounds of it, there is no criteria to get in it. are you guys gunna start meeting up and things or is it just so you can tell your friends you are part of a yoyo team? You havnt even said where you are. you could have people from all over the world wanting to join in the hope you will get together and show your stuff.

but thats just my opinion.

good luck with your team, i honestly do hope it goes to plan and works for you

ill join im thirteen and im alright at yoyoing

can you do the matrix