need help

i need help. i want to get onto the yoyo jam team but cant find out how anyone know. illsend visz or anything else. going to compeat in 2012.

  1. Wrong area to post your topic in.
  2. Why are you asking this?

To answer your question
You need to improve alot within a certain period of time
Make videos and upload them on youtube. Make sure its good
I’m not sure about YYJ but for YYF you need to be champion ( Top 3 ) For 3 Championships. I think

Well basically you need to have the passion.
And you need to buy YYJ Products. All the time.

You’re going to have to be extremely good, or special. Do something special. Some companies will find you if you are special enough.


a: dont ask for a sponsorship (and i know you didnt ask, but still)
b:post in the right topic
c:dont make pointless polls
d: you need to be totally amazing. you may get the call in a few years.
e: some of the top players are unsponsored. look at jacob jensen and josh yee. amazing, and unsponsored.

Please don’t post useless polls.