If you could be sponsored by any team which would it be?

Mine would defiantly be yoyojam

As I have nothing to bring to any company, I’d probably just keep on my own

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^ THIS ^

Yoyojam, definitely yoyojam.

YoYoJam or CLYW. I love the attitudes of everyone on Team YYJ. They all seem like legit nice people.

It would have to be a store or club, because I don’t want restrictions as to what I can or cannot use.

I think there’s only one place insane enough to sponsor me, and even so, it would be more symbolic than anything else.



I would say CLYW, they’re just cool peeps.

Yoyojam or yoyofactory

Either YYJ apprentice, or Yotricks (not dot com so guys don’t yellllll at me for sayin this!) who is making
Their own yoyos now! I’m so excited! Because the guy who owns the company is the leader of PYYC



oh wait… :3

any team? Barcelona… lol

Lol :stuck_out_tongue: I think u know what I mean lol

Yoyojam. No coincidence they turn out the big bosses like Andre Boulay, Johnnie Delvallie and Hiroyuki Suzuki. I think they get their players involved in the business of yo-yo. Also, they are supportive of women, a diverse team. Yoyojam all the way!! The best!!