YoYoExpert Video (advertisment)

Well, us members wanted to make more people aware of this site. After I showed this to Andre, I’m here to take it to the users. I’m going to put together a video to advertise YoYoExpert, but I want ya’ll to help me with it by filming some footage of yourselves. The video is talking about YoYoExpert, while showing off what it has taught us.

The Video Layout
*Opening: YoYoExpert Logo
*YoYoing: Jonathan doing some 1a
*Site Overview: the site and store
*YoYoing: Me doing some 4a
*Site Overview: The News
*YoYoing: I Need Some 2a Footage Here
*Forum Overview
*YoYoing during credits: Me doing some 5a

NOTE: Please make sure footage is clear. No hard to see/blurry footage

PM me about helping out

Thanks Guys,

Mitchell Purdy

I can sure do the 1A and 5A! I’ve made a few clip videos… http://www.vimeo.com/user521761/videos

Let me know when I should and how I am to send it in.

~yo! shi!

Thanks! I’ll have you do the 1a.

Yay! Go me for inspiring this plan! Sorry, I know this is an unessacary post, Thanks mitchell for making the video!!! ;D

Thanks for giving me the idea!

No Problem. Can’t waitto see the finished video! :slight_smile:

hey have y’all made it yet if not i can get some footage of some of the tricks i made myself. can we get me in the 1 a division too? i have nothing to do tomarow so ill try to film then if its cool. later and remember keep it spinning.

I can have multiple people for a division, so that’d be great!

Okey dokey… I sure can do 1A… but if you can’t find anyone else for 5A, I’m fair game… I can do all the 5A tricks on this site plus more. Helicopter is lots of fun. =]

~yo! shi!

Cool Idea for a yoyo video. -yoyoman

awesome idea I might be able to ?

The more people, the better. Also, to everyone, thanks for all the positive comments! I’ll try my best to make this video great.

:)Great! Thanks again for making it!

how is it coming?

It’s going ok, but I need some more footage.

Where am I supposed to send it, buddy?

I’ll get to filming it for 1A… Yikes! You know my real name? =]

~yo! shi!

i would LOVE to give you some of me but i dont have a video camera or anything :-[

you should put it on ITunes. -yoyoman.

if you need more footage i can film some more. later and remember keep it spinning.

you shold also do a overveiw of the forum -yoyoman