Help Please.

Hey guys! Well, I am making an new video and I kinda need your help. It’s one of those, videos that shows other yo-yoers across the nation/world. I am asking that you send me a pic of you with a yo-yo. Please help me out here. I would really appreciate it. Here is my e-mail address if you wanna help me out (please include your name or yoyoexpert name):

Please help me out. Thanks.

Email sent!


Do you want specifics?

A pic including your face would be nice. ;D

bumped ;D

no hate plz

I hate bumping but i really want to make this video. Help plz! :-[

Totally forgot about it


Didnt get it sorry =(

I give you permission to take my eXpert profile pic.

Is this fine?

I’ll do it as soon as my grand dad sends me the pic that he took of me yoyoing.

Got the pic… Now just to get it on the computer…

There ya go.

Picture’s not working…

Ok I’ll try to get it tobyou by tomorrow night it might be crappy quality do you mind?

Decent quality would be nice, but I am not too picky. Thank you guys so much for the pics. I still need a lot more though. :-[

Thanks… again!